Did you know that the vent hood above your stovetop needs regular cleaning regardless of whether it’s in a commercial or residential kitchen? At American Vent Hood Pros, we make the vent hood cleaning process affordable and easy. There are several steps our trained technicians go through to make the process as simple and efficient as possible. The first step is our free estimate. When you call us for vent hood cleaning, we come out in person to inspect your vent hood system and let you know if we see any flaws, such as electrical or wiring issues, improperly sealed ducts, fan and belt condition, and overall operation. The free estimate helps us to let you know how much you can expect to pay as well as the amount of work we will be performing to clean your vent hood system. From there, we send you a detailed email report and schedule your cleaning appointment.

When technicians from American Vent Hood Pros come to perform the cleaning, we start by removing the main unit of your vent hood system, which usually sits on the roof. While we do this, we also seal off everything below to make sure that no grease is leaked and is instead recaptured from the system. From there, we scrape the whole vent hood and apply cleaning chemicals all over to ensure that the bulk of the grease is removed. Then we use a hot water power wash to clean it to the bare metal as required by NFPA 96 standards, regardless of whether you are in a residential or commercial kitchen. Your removable filters at the bottom of your vent hood are removed and cleaned separately. Finally, the surface of your vent hood system is cleaned and polished to give it a new, shiny look.

American Vent Hood Pros provides the best commercial and residential vent hood cleaning in Dallas and its surrounding areas. Call us today to get your vent hood cleaning scheduled!