After a summer of record breaking temperatures, Texans are eagerly awaiting the day that cooler weather is here to stay. While we may still have a few months of warmer weather to come, the only thing predictable about Texas weather is that it is unpredictable! There is no telling when you might need to turn on your heater or light a fire in your fireplace, and at American Vent Hood Pros in Dallas, Texas, we believe that it is best to have things ready no matter the weather. American Vent Hood Pros offers Dallas chimney sweeping services to the Metroplex.

The National Fire Protection Association Standard recommends that you have your chimney, fireplace, and vent inspected at least once a year and cleaned, maintained, and repaired as needed. Depending on the weather, you may need your chimney cleaned more or less than once a year. When you do need your chimney swept, American Vent Hood Pros has trained and seasoned professionals to help make sure that your chimney is cleaned and ready to go when the weather gets cold! When you choose American Vent Hood Pros to perform your chimney sweeping, our experienced professionals will inspect your fireplace, chimney, and flue, perform any cleaning necessary to maintain safety when you light a fire, and note and repair any issues that are present. Having your chimney swept helps to lower the likelihood of a clogged chimney or flue, fire in the chimney, and more.

Do not wait until the weather is miserably cold to find out that your chimney needs a good cleaning in a bad way! American Vent Hood Pros is here to offer Dallas chimney sweeping services year-round. We can get your chimney ready to use before you even need to light a fire, and our team is here to make sure that your fireplace is ready to go when the first freezing Texas day comes around. Get in touch with us today to learn more.