Pollution Control Units in Dallas/ Fort Worth Area

American Vent Hood Pros offers routine cleaning for residential vent hood systems.

Pollution Control Units in DFW

American Vent Hood Pros, a reputable company based in the DFW area, is committed to safeguarding the environment through its innovative cleaning equipment. The company prioritizes environmental conservation by integrating Pollution Control Units into its cleaning equipment. These advanced units effectively capture and eliminate various types of pollutants such as smoke, grease, and other particles to limit air pollution. The Pollution Control Units work efficiently to ensure that the air is free from harmful pollutants, protecting both the environment and the health of individuals who reside in the surrounding areas. American Vent Hood Pros’ dedication to cleaning up the environment through the use of Pollution Control Units is commendable. They have set a standard in the industry by prioritizing environmental conservation while providing exceptional cleaning services to clients in Texas and beyond.

Installation of Pollution Control Units

  • Thorough assessment of facility emissions
  • Design and installation of the Control Unit
  • Monitoring of emissions before and after the installation of the Control Unit
  • Creation of a detailed reporting system to monitor emissions
  • Regular maintenance and inspection of the Control Unit
  • Enforcement of applicable regulations

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